first and foremost...

I'm Dirk. Yes, I do the loathing. Yes, I do the dying.

Roxy Lalonde

Roxy was such a queen. She had olive toned skin, and she switched around between she/her and some other alt pronouns like sie/hir.

Jake English

Jake was short and square, with a heart shaped face. He had dark skin - naturally dark, and tanned to hell and back. He had the biggest eyes with the most fuckin fawn/calf-like eyelashes. So thick and fluttery. Ugh.

Jane Crocker

Jane.... I never reconciled with her before I died, really. Pretty fuckin pathetic.


Hal and I were.. eh. He sometimes used grey text when talking to me in DMs, I don't know if he ever did it with others. We had a lot of back and forth, it never got resolved before I died. We had our moments of mutual understanding and commiseration, though.


Caliborn ... o///o


Calliope was such a sweetheart. We got along well and talked off and on, but honestly she was closer to Roxy than me & I was closer to Caliborn than her.