hi there!! this is my website, im still figuring out what i wanna do with it ^^ i have a little bloggy where i post some big long ramblin thoughts from over the years, over there at the blog button!

future plans for this is i wanna make a few pages for different things i wanna write about.. otherkin and fictionkin stuff, spirituality and religion stuff which would be a mix of pagan + native american + judaism, stuff about my journey and thoughts on gender and sexuality, experiences with adhd and my mental and physical health, things ive studied like philosophy and native american history and art... i just get very tongue tied online O_O! i can talk a mile a minute irl, but online i get all flustered and never know what to say unless its in an active convo with someone lol. but i wanna make some longer stuff!!

i also know how to code (basic css/html stuff) so i edit my themes a bit! i struggle with being creative somewhat tho lol so im mostly just tweaking premades i found. i love how so many of the premades for neocities are so old school, as a 90s-00s kid it makes me feel like im home again!!!

i might add a cbox or a guest book page at some point if i get less shy about all this. but either way, chapisalacho - see you soon!